“Environmental education connects schools to their community, and the formal education system to non-formal education” *

The phrase above, taken from a collection of articles published by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, expresses and reflects on-point the essence of our artistic-community-environmental activity which is held together with students and adults for many years in hundreds of schools, kindergartens and communities across Israel.

Our activity doesn’t cause dramatic revolutions in fighting greenhouse gas omissions that cause global warming that lead to the extreme climate changes we are witnessing in recent years…

So what does it achieve? Through the workshops we hold in schools and in communities, we take part in raising awareness to current environmental issues and sustainability, locally, nationally and globally, through the students active participation in the workshops.

Our activity is incorporated into formal-education curriculum in schools, such as science studies, sustainability and environment, art, agriculture or informal education, and adds its creative and colorful touch to the school and kindergarten space.

Our activity engages in reducing waste in-practice, and utilizes different reusable items and products in a surprising and different way than their original designated use.

The sculptures and objects we create contain scrap material and waste collected by students from their homes, streets and close living environment, that end up on a new path as a sculpture or functional environmental structure in the schoolyard or neighborhood.

We work and create in collaboration with bodies involved in environmental education in schools and communities such as The Council for a Beautiful Israel, environmental cities associations, units and departments in local authorities in charge of environmental protection and education, Society for Protection of Nature and more.

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