Gili Eshel
Growing up in a family with a carpenter father, a sworn educator mother, a social worker grandmother and an architect grandfather sums up my upbringing and discloses my DNA. Manual work, the art of planning and social involvement form the core and the values that are the base of my endeavors today. I studied at the Environmental Design department of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and graduated from The School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem. Over the years I studied painting and drawing with Orna Milo and Yiftah Berkin. I was trained in museology studies and studied at the departments of Education and Fine Arts at Haifa University.
Adi Rapel
I have been engaged in multi-disciplinary art since 2008. Mosaic, murals, and decorative sculptures are my main skills. I instruct and guide in the joint community creative activity. Since 2016 I have been working in the Community Workshop. I love the contact with children through art, the deep and active listening to children and the expressive possibilities created through joint artistic activity.
Tom Wasserman
An autodidactic artist from Amikam, though her painted murals can be found all over the world. A vast experience of over a decade of instructing and leading collaborative art workshops in the community.
Naama Finberg
A mother of three lives in Pardes Hanna. Dreaming. Creating. Fulfilling. Illustrator by order. Recognizing the power of color and creativity to enlighten life and connect people

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