Gili Eshel – Community environmental sculpture workshops, is a company with 15 years of experience working in education, art and sustainability in public and community spaces, in Israel and abroad.
The framework of community, artistic creation and sustainability themes all form the core values and practices standing at the base of the shared community workshops.
The heart of our work is to empower children, teens and adults through active participation in creating environmental sculptures and structures.
Based on our experience guiding hundreds of workshops and the thousands of participants joining the creation, we can say that community sculpting affects children and teens and instills a sense of empathy and commitment to their environment and encourages pride and closeness with each other. Strengthening the bond between youths and their living environment will bring in turn a significant decrease in alienation and vandalizing of structures in the public space.
Together, we create environmental sculptures and structures that are functional, educational and intended for play. Participants are given the opportunity to experience an unconventional artistic activity, creating with diverse technologies and different work tools. We rely on and incorporate reusable materials extensively, craft in concrete, metal and wood, thus improving the appearance of schools, communities and environments.
In recent years, with the rising trend of outdoor learning in schools, we have been planning designated learning spaces for different age groups with the teaching staff, and building them with the students.
The end products are durable and meant to serve as expressive environmental sculptures for many years to come. Workshops are optimally adapted to their participants’ motor skills and technical abilities, and are intended for children, teens and adults as a single-age group activity or multi-age integrated activity.
Our company has many years of experience in conducting workshops incorporating a variety of audiences and communities. Among our clients are government offices, public organisations, municipalities, community groups, business corporations and many educational institutions.

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